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Round Two - 2011


  1. The inaugural round of the Gotta Have Faith awards opens for nominations on Tuesday 1st November 2011. Nominations will close on 30th November.
  2. Judging will start immediately after the complete list of nominees has been added to the site, voting will start on 2nd February 2012 and close on Wednesday 29th at Midnight (GMT).
  3. There are twenty places available in each category and nominations are added on a 'first come, first served' basis. If all categories are filled before the nominations deadline voting will be moved forwards in accordance with this. 
  4. All nominated fics must be publically accessable without requiring the user to register for a site. Friends locked entries on journal websites (LJ, DW, GJ, IJ etc) are not acceptable, nor are posts via Yahoo Groups.
  5. All nominations must be accompanied by the code phrase want, take, have. Nominations which do not include this password will be discarded.
  6. Fics nominated in previous rounds are ineligable for nomination for the next round. The nominees for round one can be found here.
  7. Authors nominated in a previous round are eligible for nomination in the 'Best Author' category in future rounds.
  8. Judges' decisions are final.
  9. All nominated fics must be completed. Works in progress are ineligible for nomination.
  10. Voting rules: Nominees may not vote for themselves.
  11. You can only vote once. If you submit the form before you are finished, please email us to let us know. You do not have to vote in every category.

If you have any questions about the site or need some clarification of the rules, please contact us.

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